Žabar Appetizer

Next to chicken pate and cheese with sesame, there are other specialties like seafood salad, chicken, spanish and love salad.
Of course, as always on Žabar, we invite you to make your personal appetizer combination from our diverse offer.


Žabar Turkey

Spicy notes of sour cream sauce and gorgonzola, in combination with turkey steaks, creates a perfect blend of flavors for which is Žabar turkey one of many favourite dishes, and our trademark.
This unique dish was created back in 1998. by the owner of restaurant Žabar.


Grandma Dara's cake

One day this unique recipe was found, supported by the story, by old lady Dara Poznanić, mother of the restaurant owner.
We are sure that you will enjoy in rich taste of domestic pumpkin, apple, dry plum, covered by meadow honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and served with scoop of wheat ice cream with walnut on top.


Nikola Pavlov - chef

" Love of gastronomy began while i was growing up next to traditional culinary specialties in small town called Progar in Srem. This love encouraged me to take traditional specialties to a new level making them modern and contemporary, and always trying to improve them. I find inspiration all around me, starting with music, ambient, people and job that i love. My twenty year long career will go on becaus my inspiration can get only bigger. "