Wine card

Our wine card is also your wine card. Created over the years, it's created over the years and we participate in this process together.


  • Bermet Beli, Kiš. - 360,00

    0,10l / 17,0%vol.

  • Bermet Crveni, Kiš. - 360,00

    0,10l / 17,5%vol.

  • Diicewine, DiBonis 2008. - 5.100,00

    0,50l / 13,0%vol.

  • Trijumf Late Harvest Aleksandrović 2013. - 4.100,00

    0,375l / 9,5%vol.


  • Tokaji Aszu 3 Puttonyos, Chateau Dereszla 2009. - 5.500,00

    0,50l / 11,5%vol.


  • Porto 20 Years Old, Quinta do Estanho - 1.500,00

    0,10l / 19,0%vol.

  • Porto 40 Years Old, Quinta do Estanho - 4.500,00

    0,10l / 20,0%vol.


Željko Dražić is taking care of Restaurand Žabar's wine card. He is with us for many years and has international experience, working on ocean liners, like Seabourn line, Cunard, Radisson seven seas. Primarily caterer who with daily wine opening and nursing has experience to help our guests in choosing the right wine, in accordance with chosen dish and therefore unforgettable experience. On our wine card there's a wide selection of wines from Serbia and rest of the world, and that selection is our restaurants trademark, so you can chose wine from any region in Europe and New world.

Most of the wines can be ordered by the glass, which is not conditioned by the price of wine, but exclusively if wine should be decanted or if it's ready from the bottle. Welcome to enjoy this perfection of matching wine and food...